Research Results: Online Ordering – Who’s Doing It and How Well is it Working?

B2B Blog Series: Part IV

In today’s Amazon world, the desire to order products online only continues to explode. Consumers today demand single-click opportunities to purchase goods and services and customers in the floral industry are no different. So, how do segments within the floral supply chain stack up against each other related to online ordering implementation?

WF&FSA COVID-19 Honoree

Floracraft recognizes Nicole Schwarz

Nicole Schwarz has taken up mask making. She was in 4-H years ago in a home economics club focused on sewing and cooking. Sewing was not her strength but her basic knowledge has come in handy during this time of need. Nicole has made over 20 masks for friends and family.

Research Results: Do Survey Respondents Really Consider Themselves Omnichannel?

B2B Blog Series: Part III

In WF&FSA’s third blog installment analyzing the use of B2B e-commerce technology in the floral supply industry, we examine omnichannel readiness and if respondents and their companies embrace a multi-channel selling approach within the supply chain. Omnichannel is defined as “integrating different methods of shopping available to consumers (e.g., online, in a physical store, or by phone)” to sell a product or service. In the case of this study, researchers analyzed how each segment within the supply chain behaves related to selling patterns, which certainly have changed since the onslaught of the pandemic.

Research Results: Who Really is Integrating E-Commerce Technology into their Marketing Strategies?

B2B Blog Series: Part II

In WF&FSA’s second blog installment analyzing the use of B2B e-commerce technology in the floral industry, we are focusing directly on B2B adoption by sector. In this chapter of the study by Dr. Hall, Dr. Knuth, and Dr. Palma, researchers analyzed overall B2B service technology utilization and whether each company was acting in the role of seller, buyer, or neither.

Research Results: Who Took Part in the Floral Industry's Study on B2B E-Commerce Adoption?

B2B Blog Series: Part I

Earlier this year, WF&FSA, along with eight other floral trade associations, released a study examining the usage (or lack thereof) of B2B e-commerce technology in the floral industry. The goal of this project was to uncover structural changes which was no small feat, especially given the unique nuances within the industry itself.

Research Results: How is the Floral Supply Chain Using B2B E-commerce to Reach its Customers?

B2B Blog Series: Introduction

Well, to answer that question, WF&FSA joined eight other floral trade associations in a study to examine the status of current (and planned) usage of B2B e-technologies in the floral industry. Researchers Dr. Charlie Hall, Dr. Melinda Knuth and Dr. Marco Palma, all with Texas A&M University, led this study which included 306 respondents from all walks of the floral supply chain. What did they uncover in the 132-page report? Well, a lot, frankly.

10 Reason Why Suppliers Sell Through Wholesalers / 11 Reasons to Buy from a Wholesale Florist

21 Reasons Why

Transportation efficiencies. Wholesalers bring in volume shipments from suppliers and efficiently deliver items directly to many different retailers. Wholesalers breakbulk. Manufacturers focus on quality and efficiency, not small packaging and small shipments. Wholesalers break bulk so retailers get the appropriate quantity.

WF&FSA Offers Support for Roses to be Added to the GSP

Leadership testifies, organization sends letter in support as effort gains momentum

On June 19, WF&FSA President Tim Dewey with DVFlora and WF&FSA Immediate Past President Ben Powell with Mayesh joined leadership from the Society of American Florists (SAF) and the Association of Floral Importers of Florida (AFIF) to testify virtually before the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) in support of adding fresh cut roses to the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP). In the past few months, both SAF and AFIF have submitted petitions to add roses to the GSP which, if successful, would eliminate import duties on roses from Ecuador.

Mother’s Day 2020 Better Than Expected

By Pam Morrison, WF&FSA Communications Manager

2020 is the year with no comparison unless you are 102 and remember the toll the 1918 pandemic took on your business. Just as a tornado’s massive destruction, or a tsunami’s wave of terror causes temporary upheaval -on a worldwide scale- so does a worldwide pandemic. However, results of WF&FSA’s 2020 Mother’s Day Survey proved that resilience and optimism shine through.

WF&FSA's COVID-19 Impact and Implementation Survey Results

By Pamela Morrison, WF&FSA Communications Manager

WF&FSA invited members to participate in an industry wide COVID-19 study to survey sentiments and policies being implemented by businesses across the U.S. More than 3,000 companies from various industries shared their opinions on how the pandemic is impacting their companies.

2017: The New Generation of Consumerism

Jacque Sir Louis, Smithers-Oasis

2017 Pantone Color of the Year

Yvonne Ashton, Mayesh; Co-Chair, Marketing Committee

New Year. New Blog. New Colors

Yvonne Ashton, Co-Chair, Marketing Committee

Happy 2016! Many view the New Year as a fresh start or a great time to make a new commitment. Here at WF&FSA, we are doing just that by launching our brand new blog! Last year we created the Marketing Toolkit for our members and their customers, but we wanted to take action to ensure that we are following our own advice. So here we are.

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