WF&FSA Delivers Education Resources Across Multiple Channels

More Industry-Specific Courses Added to WF&FSA Institute

WF&FSA is proud to offer its members an array of educational programming. From executive-level webinars on economics to experiential, hands-on events to the basics of flower care and handling, WF&FSA is here for the growth and development of your employees.

WF&FSA Brings Aboard New Leadership, Gabriel Becerra Elected President

By Jason Vaughan, WF&FSA Communications Manager

The Wholesale Florist and Florist Supplier Association (WF&FSA) recently elected new leadership to help guide the 95-year-old organization. Gabriel Becerra, president of Miami-based Golden Flowers, will serve as the 2021-2022 WF&FSA President. Becerra accepted the gavel from immediate past president Tim Dewey on June 9 at the Association’s member business meeting.

Nearly 500 Gather to Reconnect at 2021 FDC

By Jason Vaughan, WF&FSA Communications Manager

The 2021 three-day conference is considered the nation’s first post-pandemic floral event. Almost 500 attendees gathered at Miami’s Doral resort to display products, engage in educational programming, and reconnect for the first time for many since the last in-person conference held in November 2019.

Survey Says… Despite Supply and Freight Issues, Mother’s Day 2021 Beat Expectations

By Jason Vaughan, WF&FSA Communications Manager

On Monday, May 10, WF&FSA began surveying members to understand sales, key metrics, and other take-aways from this year’s Mother’s Day. While respondents told us there were considerable frustrations with increased freight charges and some product shortages, Mother’s Day 2021 met or exceeded expectations for almost everyone.

Results are in…Valentine’s Day was Better than Expected

By Molly Alton Mullins, WF&FSA Executive Vice President

Last week WF&FSA surveyed its membership to learn how sales and other key metrics performed during the Valentine’s Day holiday. With so many variables stacked against a strong performance – COVID-19, Valentine’s falling on a holiday weekend AND weather concerns – it was entirely possible that this year was going to be a bust.

Research Results: B2B Buyers - What Aspects of B2B E-Commerce Do You Want When in the Buyer Role?

B2B Blog Series: Part V

To close out the final section of The Use of B2B E-commerce Technologies in the Floral Industry Research Study, researchers turned the tables and asked respondents what they want most related to e-commerce adoption when they are making purchases. Not surprisingly, most sectors within the industry demand it when in a buyer role, despite not always offering these services as a seller.

Research Results: Online Ordering – Who’s Doing It and How Well is it Working?

B2B Blog Series: Part IV

In today’s Amazon world, the desire to order products online only continues to explode. Consumers today demand single-click opportunities to purchase goods and services and customers in the floral industry are no different. So, how do segments within the floral supply chain stack up against each other related to online ordering implementation?

WF&FSA COVID-19 Honoree

Floracraft recognizes Nicole Schwarz

Nicole Schwarz has taken up mask making. She was in 4-H years ago in a home economics club focused on sewing and cooking. Sewing was not her strength but her basic knowledge has come in handy during this time of need. Nicole has made over 20 masks for friends and family.

Mother’s Day 2020 Better Than Expected

By Pam Morrison, WF&FSA Communications Manager

2020 is the year with no comparison unless you are 102 and remember the toll the 1918 pandemic took on your business. Just as a tornado’s massive destruction, or a tsunami’s wave of terror causes temporary upheaval -on a worldwide scale- so does a worldwide pandemic. However, results of WF&FSA’s 2020 Mother’s Day Survey proved that resilience and optimism shine through.

2017: The New Generation of Consumerism

Jacque Sir Louis, Smithers-Oasis

2017 Pantone Color of the Year

Yvonne Ashton, Mayesh; Co-Chair, Marketing Committee

New Year. New Blog. New Colors

Yvonne Ashton, Co-Chair, Marketing Committee

Happy 2016! Many view the New Year as a fresh start or a great time to make a new commitment. Here at WF&FSA, we are doing just that by launching our brand new blog! Last year we created the Marketing Toolkit for our members and their customers, but we wanted to take action to ensure that we are following our own advice. So here we are.

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