WF&FSA Financial and Operational Benchmarking Survey

Each year WF&FSA offers its wholesale member companies an opportunity to benchmark their company’s performance against their industry peers. WF&FSA is pleased to offer the results not only as an Industry Summary Report, but also as a customized online dashboard. There is NO COST for these results for WF&FSA companies that participate.

The 2023 WF&FSA Financial and Operational Benchmarking Survey offers an annual in-depth analysis of performance metrics such as sales growth, margins, inventory, asset utilization, and productivity.
Results of the study will be shared with participants through two separate reports: 

  • The WF&FSA Industry Report provides a summarized analysis of trends and insights garnered from the data of all participating WF&FSA wholesalers.  
  • Each participant will also receive a confidential Customized Benchmarking Report which compares their company’s metrics to wholesalers of similar, size, customer/product focus, and regional profile.   

Those who did not participate in the survey are welcome to purchase the report from the WF&FSA store