Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions Launch the First Comprehensive Calendar of Events and Conventions to Support the Flower Industry in a collaborative way

This initiative will enhance collaboration and connection between all key players in the flower industry

Miami, Florida – Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions launched the first known comprehensive collaborative flower industry calendar of events and conventions, with the participation of more than eight different partners who collaborated on this calendar in favor of the flower industry.

“DWF has always supported the floral industry by attending industry events. We have expanded that support the last several years with a broader group of attendees at events. While we worked to build an internal calendar of events, I felt Sahid of New Bloom Solutions was in the perfect position to create a resource the entire industry could use, and he did it! Thanks, Sahid, for creating such a useful tool,” said David Legge of DWF Wholesale Florists.

And this was the spark that got the collaborative effort to build an industry calendar started.

“This is a collaborative floral convention calendar for the entire flower industry worldwide, created by Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions (AAF&NBS). We reached out to some of our partners, collaborators, and peers in the industry and asked that they send us their calendar of events. We also searched many different websites that have upcoming conventions and listings and started to confirm each one of them. The thing is, we weren’t able to verify and confirm every convention that we got, as we weren’t sure if some conventions or associations were still currently active after COVID-19. We still moved forward with all the information that we were able to get and verify to the best of our abilities and created the floral calendar as comprehensively as we could, and we would like to ask for the entire industry’s help to collaborate and help us improve this calendar as we go. This calendar will be an ongoing project for a few years that will be improved and expanded as needed.” said Sahid Nahim, co-founder of Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions.

The intention is for this collaborative calendar to live on Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions’ website. The entire industry will have the ability to easily download or view it at any time, whether it is the association, the owner of the convention, event organizers, or hosts. We encourage everyone to reach out to Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions to update, add, or edit any event or convention. This is an ongoing project, and we are asking the industry to help.

Many people participated in the creation of this resource, including ThursdDeliflorFloraldailyRosaprimaWF&FSAFSFADetails Flowers Software, and others.

“Setting up and building this platform has been a collaborative experience, and our team at AAF & NBS worked very hard to curate information and build the calendar out to bring the industry one great tool for worldwide events,” said Sahid Nahim, co-founder of Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions.

AAF & NBS aim to help the industry innovate, connect, and bloom through innovation, networking, building community, and collaborations, and this tool will help the industry grow, stay connected, and achieve greater goals together.

Everyone’s help is needed to keep this living, breathing document alive and as accurate as possible so this resource can benefit everyone in the entire industry to find the best conventions that fit their needs.

The calendar can be downloaded from January 1st til May 5th. On the calendar, people will find a link that will take them to a questionnaire that will allow them to add events, update event information, make corrections, and/or make suggestions. Anyone can email our project manager, directly at pm@newbloomsolutions.com. We truly encourage the industry to collaborate with us and make this a valuable resource for the entire industry. After Mother’s Day, we will launch the calendar live on our website for everyone to enjoy.

Download your free copy of the floral calendar here.

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