10 Reasons Why Suppliers Sell Thru Wholesalers

  1. Transportation efficiencies. Wholesalers bring in volume shipments from suppliers and efficiently deliver items directly to many different retailers.
  2. Wholesalers break bulk. Manufacturers focus on quality and efficiency, not small packaging and small shipments. Wholesalers break bulk so retailers get the appropriate quantity.
  3. Just-in-time inventory. By selling through wholesalers, manufacturers bring their inventory closer to where the product is needed and give retailers more ordering flexibility.
  4. Consolidated sourcing. With one call to a wholesaler, retailers can access a wide variety of sources, and manufacturers can sell to hundreds of florists.
  5. Broad-based sourcing. Wholesalers source from around the world to many retailers so manufacturers can sell the "occasional" demand for their product.
  6. Local market knowledge. Wholesalers link manufacturers with thousands of retailers that the manufacturers wouldn't reach on their own.
  7. Lines of credit. Attempting to extend long-distance credit would financially expose manufacturers, but wholesalers can extend credit to local retailers.
  8. Sales staff. Wholesalers introduce new products and recommend existing products, extending the sales reach of many manufacturers.
  9. Daily contact with customers. Wholesalers are in regular contact with retailers so the manufacturers' products are consistently promoted and easily available.
  10. Onsite product inspection. Wholesalers allow manufacturers to satisfy, not frustrate, retailers by offering onsite inspection of product.