WF&FSA Launches The Flower Movement

In October 2021, the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association (WF&FSA) introduced a new initiative to bring the floral community together and highlight the positive impact and importance of flowers in everyday life. Appropriately branded as The Flower Movement, its mission is to create an environment for collaboration, storytelling, and oneness.

“With floral demand at an all-time high and challenged with disruptions across the entire supply chain, we hope The Flower Movement can serve as a platform where our collective stories can be told and our successes shared,” said WF&FSA Executive Vice President Molly Alton Mullins. “So much good is being done in and around our local communities with flowers; the movement will broadcast those feel-good moments across the industry and into the public sphere.”

Unlike other industry campaigns, The Flower Movement is not intended to increase floral sales. Instead, it’s the catalyst to promote community activism, using flowers to change mindsets and uplift feelings. The movement will highlight the outreach efforts of WF&FSA members, such as bringing floral design workshops to community centers; donating flowers and arrangements to nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices; and working with local groups to build neighborhood gardens.

 “We look forward to sharing with the floral community the amazing efforts being done to promote the happiness that flowers bring,” said Gabriel Becerra, WF&FSA’s president and president of Miami-based Golden Flowers. “We are also delighted to showcase The Flower Movement in a few weeks at WF&FSA’s Floral Distribution Conference.”

To further encourage unity, attendees of the 2022 Floral Distribution Conference (FDC) can come together to build a monumental archway of flowers that encompasses the essence of the conference’s theme: Breaking Boundaries, Bridging Divides.

Visit the Floral Distribution Conference website to learn more about the March 7–9 event in Miami, Florida. Learn more about The Flower Movement at

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