FloraCraft Celebrates Galentine's Day Power of Female Friendship

By Amy Steidl Olson

Whether it’s children handing out small treats to their classmates, teens experiencing their first crush or partners showing their appreciation for one another, we can count on people doing a little bit extra on Valentine’s Day to show their loved ones they care. 

As the world’s leading manufacturer of foam products for the craft and floral industries, FloraCraft gets busy leading up to Valentine’s Day. There’s a high demand for our craft and floral foam products that go into the latest flower arrangements or crafts people gift their loved ones.  

Over the past decade, we’ve noticed another emerging February trend: Galentine’s Day. This once-fake holiday from a 2010 episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation featured the show’s female characters gathered on Feb. 13 for a brunch that seemed similar to a Valentine’s Day celebration but commemorated themselves and their female friendships instead. Now, the day has taken off as one of the most popular occasions for women to honor each other.  

While Galentine’s Day is only 24 hours before Valentine’s Day, the meaning behind the day is quite different. Unlike the romantic aura of Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day recognizes a common movement we’re seeing among women, particularly in younger generations – celebrating that their bonds with other women are just as important as romantic partners. The celebrations typically include a group of friends who go out for a meal, drinks, or a day of self-care, all while exchanging cards, flowers, and gifts.  

As Galentine’s Day has grown in popularity, we continue to see a spike in demand for our foam products that help customers create fun floral arrangements and care packages to show gratitude for the women in their lives. 

Recognizing this, and that the women of FloraCraft’s leadership team and I are also big fans of this holiday, we’ve decided to create a line of Galentine’s Day projects. Like the day itself, these projects were designed to appreciate the unique characteristics of your friends. From a BFF wreath and XO succulents to a heart-shaped dish, our variety of projects can be the perfect addition to your celebration or catalyst to start a new tradition of commemorating the day. 

I’m so proud of the work our wonderful team has done and continues to do to help make Galentine’s Day special for women in our community and across the country. I hope you take time this Feb. 13 to brighten your gal pals’ day with a token of appreciation as a very real reminder of how important they are to you. 

Amy Steidl Olson is director of product development at FloraCraft, the world’s leading manufacturer of foam products for the craft and floral industries. From its headquarters in Ludington, Michigan, FloraCraft’s team of 200-plus employees provide innovative, American-made products to leading wholesalers and retailers across the world. For more information, visit floracraft.com

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