2018 Speaker & Program Details


SamEvery YES Begins With a Know

Web Search Secrets to Know More, So You Can Win More

Speaker Sam Richter, Founder and CEO of SBR Worldwide/Know More

In a prospect or client meeting, do you talk mainly about you and your organization? Or is the conversation focused on the other person and what he or she cares about? Do you make your prospects and clients feel important? Are you relevant? It's no longer enough to be interesting. In today's world you need to be interested. In this dynamic presentation, you will discover…

  • Web search secrets that you never thought possible for finding leads, creating lists, uncovering opportunities, identifying trigger event, and understanding decision makers.
  • Tips and tricks for using social media as sales and competitive "intelligence agents;" find the prospects who fit your desired profile, and learn more about the individual so that in every meeting, you're building a meaningful connection (without seeming like a stalker).
  • How to access and leverage the  "Hidden Web," or the majority of the valuable online information that is invisible to search engines.
  • How to use information to differentiate from the competition, generate warm referrals, tailor offerings, build deeper relationships, and bottom line…win more business.

GlennaManaging, Leading and Coaching for Results

Increasing Employee Productivity and Engagement, Growing Business Cultures, Enhancing Revenue and Growing Bottom Line Profitability
Speaker Glenna Hecht, President of Humanistic Consulting

This workshop is designed to increase results for WR&FSA owners and managers who are leading and guiding a team. This highly interactive session includes presentation, exercises and discussion. 


As a result of the Managing, Leading, and Coaching for Results session, participants will gain an understanding of the following:

  • How to increase the success of the team.
  • The impact of turnover on the team.
  • What is employee engagement and how do I know if “they” are engaged?
  • The roles of the Manager and Leader. Am I one or both?
  • The importance of frequent coaching and how to “do it”.

Session Topics:

Goals and Objectives
Performance Research on the Impact of a Team
Team Success Model

  • Mission, Code of Honor and Expected Behaviors
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Levels of Accountability and Authority
  • Incentives, Rewards and Measurement

Phases of the Team
Levels of Engagement in a Team
Managing versus Leading
Your Role as a Coach
Exercises and Key Learning


Don't Steal the Cheesecake

Digital Reputation Management in an "Everything You Do Is Posted Online" World

Speaker Sam Richter, Founder and CEO of SBR Worldwide/Know More

In today's instant communication and social networking world, it's easy to share opinions and others can share the same about you. Unfortunately, what you and others post online, text, leave as a voicemail, say or do in front of a hidden camera, and even email is not limited to private networks and friend groups. Rather, there's a good chance that what happens in a digital format and what is said about you and your company is public, searchable, and archived, FOREVER! In "Don't Steal the Cheesecake" you will learn...

  • What is a "personal brand," why you already have one, how to enhance it, and how your personal brand can dramatically impact your company's brand and reputation.
  • The dangers of sharing too much information, what can happen if you're not careful, and how to respond in a digital format when you're angry, so you don't become a "YouTube Sensation."
  • What a company can, and cannot, do as it relates to what an employee posts on his/her personal social networks, and how to monitor, work with, and train staff to communicate in a digital world.
  • Inside secrets on how to manage your online presence and Google rankings (for non-technical people) so when people search for information on you, that you control what they find.