Panelist Spotlight: Christi Lopez, AIFD CFD EMC

Change and Disruption in the Floral Distribution Channel













Christi Lopez

Christi Lopez, AIFD CFD EMC

The Business of Flowers

Everybody has a “go-to” person to count on. Someone who is resourceful, shrewd & seasoned. Someone who is a game-changer with a legacy of credentials & success in the floral industry.

Christi Lopez is that “go-to”. With a listening ear & a wise heart, she is a savvy floral designer and business owner.

Well-connected and established with deep roots and strong influence in the floral & event industry, Christi knows what it is to overcome the challenges of today’s marketplace. With her enlightened approach, she carries the knowledge it takes to be successful with today’s consumer.

Christi Lopez is a lifelong entrepreneur. With a foundation of family legacy and creative fire in her heart, she has forged a 30-year path scattered with tremendous success.

Humble beginnings in a basement became the eventual success of Bergerons Flowers, AIFD accreditation, a business partner of EMC International (European Master Certification) and the first Washington DC co-working space for florists called The Floral Workspace.

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