Microsoft MapPoint

Microsoft MapPoint is a versatile yet affordable software application that goes above and beyond performing the usual map program tasks such as plotting geographic locations, route planning and getting driving directions between two points.

MapPoint separates itself from other programs by providing the ability to upload business related data and visually display the information quite easily.

MapPoint functions much like other mapping programs and portable GPS units by using provided address or attraction information to display areas on the map or calculate routes and driving directions that meet your specific needs. Travel optimization is made possible by entering stops on your route in a specific order. You can streamline the stops on your route to minimize travel time and schedule stops according to your predetermined average driving day. Travel routes can be customized to your desired driving preferences such as avoiding certain types of roads. Estimated travel costs and viewing detailed route maps complete with driving directions are also a function of MapPoint.

Where MapPoint shines is its ability to easily share visual data and communicate your organization’s important data with anyone who needs to see it. Custom data can be imported via Excel spreadsheets, Access database tables, Outlook contact lists or standard comma delimited flat files. By importing custom data and utilizing different symbol markers or charts, you have the ability to display multiple business related scenarios geographically at one time.

- Plot customer locations to visualize territory saturation or deficiencies

- Upload customer sales figures to determine trends or to concentrate on areas where sales are down

- Track product inventory for multiple warehouse locations to balance surpluses and shortages

- Manage sales force activity by mapping your sales territories

- View current sales figures by map regions

MapPoint’s ability to geographically display custom data is what makes it a valuable piece of software. Showing all of you related business data on a single page in the form of symbols or charts can save time and be quite a bit less confusing than scanning through numerous pages of spreadsheet data.

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