In the Spirit of Thanksgiving: A Movement to Share the Power of Flowers

By WF&FSA President Gabriel Becerra

Spirit of Thanksgiving

In just a few days, families across the United States will gather for Thanksgiving. This holiday is an expression of the blessings of life, a time of reflection, and embodies togetherness.

In many homes, the table of savory foods and tempting treats is accompanied by loved ones, and, of course, flowers. Flowers communicate our feelings of gratitude and togetherness, whether presented as a centerpiece or perhaps as a bouquet brought as a gift to those opening their homes to friends and family. Seasonal displays echo the changes many of us see in the landscape around us: orange roses and lilies, glorious yellow sunflowers, perhaps pops of red and white from carnations.

When WF&FSA members gathered in Miami for June’s Floral Distribution Conference, in many ways it was like our own Thanksgiving: a family reconnecting for the first time after a long absence. I was heartened by the camaraderie, warmth, and friendship that flowed around us those few days at the Doral. I was left with questions: how do we capture this feeling of gratitude and community and bring it into our everyday lives? How can the WF&FSA family and the entire industry, not just distributors and wholesalers but the floral community as a whole, work together in the spirit of collaboration and unity?

I am proud to share with you our emerging initiative that seeks to shed greater light on the work of the WF&FSA and its members, the floral community, and the importance of flowers in our everyday lives. We envision capturing the power of flowers and using this passion as a way to start something bigger: The Flower Movement.

With floral demand at an all-time high and challenges with disruptions across the entire supply chain, we hope that The Flower Movement can serve as a platform where our collective stories can be told and our successes shared. So much good is being done in and around our local communities with flowers: the movement will broadcast those happy, feel-good moments across the industry and into the public sphere.

We are sowing the seeds for a grassroots movement to showcase how all segments of the floral industry can work together to share the joy of flowers. The goal is to unite the floral community and create an environment for collaboration, storytelling, and oneness. Stay tuned for more details as we continue fine-tuning The Flower Movement and sharing with the world the benefits of flowers in our everyday lives.

I understand that many families this year are facing much uncertainty and difficulty. I hope that those who have been fortunate will be able to reach out to those in need in their community. Please share the warmth and unity of WF&FSA. We are indeed #OneFlowerFamily connected by the beauty and the power of our products. I wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Gabriel Becerra

WF&FSA President
President, Golden Flowers

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