Everything you need to know about attending WF&FSA's 2021 FDC

We’ve Got You Covered: Meeting Safely in 2021

W&FSA is looking forward to bringing our members together again in person for our 2021 Floral Distribution Conference. In light of COVID and new regulations, what will the conference look like? What protocols will be in place to ensure a safe and also an enjoyable meeting experience?

Join WF&FSA President Tim Dewey, Executive Vice President Molly Alton Mullins, and experts from the property and the county of Miami-Dade who will provide an update on the 2021 Floral Distribution Conference. You will be able to ask questions directly of the panelists, as well as learn how registrations are trending, and what contingency plans in place.

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Jessica Hauser Forte, Director of Conferences, WF&FSA, jforte@wffsa.org


Tim Dewey, President, WF&FSA, tdewey@dvfloralgroup.com
Gabriel Becerra, Second Vice President, WF&FSA, gb@goldenflowers.com
Molly Alton Mullins, Executive Vice President, WF&FSA, mmullins@wffsa.org
Tony Selby, Director of Conference Services, Trump National Doral Miami, tony.selby@trumphotels.com
Maria Orozco, Assistant Director of Sales, Trump National Doral Miami, maria.orozco@trumphotels.com

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