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Businesses from all over the world join WF&FSA for a wide variety of reasons. WF&FSA offers exceptional educational programs to help drive professional development, keeps members in-tune with the latest industry trends and excellent networking opportunities that allows them to interact with industry peers. Plus, an annual conference that brings more than 750 floral industry professionals together for three days of networking, education and a Table Top exhibit that features the latest and greatest.

The WF&FSA New Member Spotlight, appearing in each issue of netWORK, highlights select new members and explains why joining WF&FSA made sense for their business. See why businesses are joining the world's leading trade association for wholesale florist and floral suppliers. Find out how your business can benefit as well. 




As a new member of WF&FSA, what prompted you to join the association?

First of all, very grateful to be a member of such a prestigious association. What motivates me the most is that by being a member, SunRite Farms can be even closer to our customers and at the same time be aware of all the innovations and requirements that wholesalers have.

What are the biggest benefits you receive as a WF&FSA member?

Being a member is already a benefit!!! What is interesting is that we can attend different trainings through the Management Institute and the University of Distribution. Also, the opportunity to meet and share time with our customers at annual conference is priceless!

What is your company most excited about in 2018?

We are delighted to introduce additional a great selection of color rose varieties that are being grown in our greenhouses in Ecuador. Also, we recently joined Komet sales in order to give our customers a better service through online sales. All I can say is that there will be more to come the following year !! Follow us on Facebook and please check our web page: 


About SunRite Farms Ecuador

Julio Hidalgo, a man extremely committed with his local community and with a fundamental dedication to care about the environment created SunRite Farms. More than 2 decades of hard work has made SunRite Farms a pioneer in the Ecuadorian rose industry, giving our company an advantage in experience, quality, consistency and overall learning what our customers really need and demand. 

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Are You a New WF&FSA Member?

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