A Message from WF&FSA President Tim Dewey

Dear Members,

Tim Dewey 2019As we live through this unprecedented time in the world, I sincerely hope that business returns to some kind of floral normality at some point in the relatively near future.

The majority of our WF&FSA members are experiencing severe disruption in their ability to operate and we know that all segments of the floral supply chain – suppliers, shippers, importers, wholesalers and our customers – are impacted extremely, with the sudden severe reduction in demand for our products.

Our members in particular are tremendously affected, and I know many are making difficult, but necessary decisions in regard to their short-term handling of this crisis. We do not know how long this will last. Mid to longer range planning is also part of the conversations that are occurring in every company.

This is not the first storm or crisis our industry has weathered, but rarely has anything affected all of us, so quickly not even day by day, but hour by hour as new announcements and restrictions are made by federal, state and local authorities. My sincerest hope as we move through this is that as an industry, we work together to help each other through this difficult situation. We are stronger united and the more we share information, work collaboratively, and support each other, the better the entire floral industry will be because of it.

Talking through problems and sharing actions will help all of us. So, if you have specific questions or comments, the WF&FSA audience wants to hear from you. Email us your comments and questions and we will do our very best to find answers, or at the very least, connect you to others who share your concerns. Please email Molly Alton Mullins, WF&FSA Executive Vice President at mmullins@wffsa.org and she will field the questions to the appropriate individuals. I hope you and yours are safe and healthy and I wish you all the best as we navigate through this unprecedented situation for our industry and the country.


Tim Dewey
WF&FSA 2019-2020 President

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