2017 Speaker & Program Details


New Process of Distribution Sales ManagementJoe Ellers 150
Joe Ellers

Today we recognize that there are many specific processes used by the most successful sales organizations and that they can be learned and used in any organization. This program provided a "soup to nuts" look at sales management from the process side, beginning at how to put together a sales plan, the course rapidly moves through all of the major elements of sales management, including how to hire salespeople, how to compensate them, and how to provide a structured approach to sales.

Attendees left this session with a formal planning process that puts together sales plans that drive the "right" activity as well as a streamlined reporting approach that gives managers what they need while eliminating wasted time for the salesperson.

Troubleshooting Inventory ReplenishmentJon
Jon Schreibfeder

Every distributor has to answer two questions when replenishing inventory: When to reorder products and how much to order. In this half day session we explored how to ensure that your company is using “best in class” practices to ensure that you consistently meet or exceed customers’ expectations of product availability. Topics included accurate demand forecasting, dealing with unreliable lead times and suppliers, evaluating vendor offers, when to establish a central warehouse or distribution center, and the special challenges of overseas purchasing.

Attracting, Engaging and Retaining MillennialsNancye
Nancye Combs

Millennial is the moniker given to 76 million people born in the 20 years after 1980. Businesses desperately need them in the pipeline to energize the workplace, for the succession plan to work, and to service existing clients and customers. Observing and interacting with them, we know they demand a balanced life, are passionate about technology, and have a want for lifetime learning, among other traits.

To assure you can attract, engage and retain them, you must re-invent your workplace. This session provided useful, practical ways to do just that complete with take home materials you can incorporate into your company’s retention programs.